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    Addressing Issues in Ethics and Legal Conflicts in Business

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    Please provide an example of a written analysis about the issues that arise in a business environment. Address the ethical components and factors, as well as how the management would handle the legal issues, and how their decisions would change the outcome of these issues. Discuss factors that you think contribute to the case or issue.

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    Let us take the case of manufacturing firm that engages in manufacturing of chemicals. The manufacturing process emits pollutants into the air, as well as results in contamination of water. The firm does not take adequate steps to control the air pollution or water pollution, as well as does not pay attention to proper disposal of industrial waste being generated in the factory of the organization. The company has several manufacturing sites located across the globe, including a few in emerging countries such as China and India, where such environmental laws and regulations are not strictly enforced. This issue has several ethical and legal implications for the organization. The company is headquartered in United States.

    The main legal issue surrounding this scenario is compliance with environmental laws and regulations. The company has to comply with all applicable laws and regulations pertaining to air and water pollution, as well as safe disposable of hazardous industrial waste, as authorized by the regulatory authorities in the United States, as well as local environmental laws or other countries in which the company operates. The company tries to take advantage of the weak enforcement of such laws in nations such as China and India and does not incur costs on preventing such pollution, as it knows that no legal action will take place. The company pays the utmost attention to the ...

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    Provides an example of a written analysis about the issues that arise in a business environment.