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Current management practices and ethical considerations

If management is willing and able to hire workers as needed and lay them off when activity declines, direct labor would be a variable cost. The contemporary trend at many companies seems to be in this direction. "Companies are looking first to bring in contract workers that they can quickly tap and zap without paying any benefits or severance."


Start a discussion about how current management practices and ethical considerations have impacted the way we do business and people's job prospects and security.

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Impact of Management Practices & Ethical Considerations on Firms

Before 20 or 30 years, embarking on a managerial career was a protected and safe alternative. One could sensibly anticipate joining a company, working on his own way, hit top management level and give up work with a golden farewell as thanks for his loyalty. But this is not the situation any more. Due to retrenchment and reconstituting of companies in present century the relationships between employer and employee are no longer so strapping. These days very few employees are confident about the safety of their job whereas other are not assured throughout the job life cycle.

All these kind of pattern of doing business along with the employment and termination of employees at ...

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This solution discusses current management practices and ethical considerations.