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    Ethically Responsible Advertising

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    Is it time to ask advertisers to ensure ethically responsible management of their profession? Does the invasion of advertising make of our world a better world?

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    Advertising is something which is hated by everybody across the world. However, in the world we live, everything has a brand or a logo. Even our thoughts are branded. Advertising is a necessary evil that makes people go around these brands and logos. It can be defined as an art of persuasion to propel consumers to buy products and services which are targeted by advertising. As consumer's awareness increases, ethics are becoming more and more important for making purchasing decisions. There are several advertisements which show that doing something would save the earth. There are others which play into people's desires to buy things which are claimed to be environmentally friendly but in reality are only marginally better than others. It is nothing but delusion and, at worst, fraudulent.

    It is time that advertisers ensure ethically responsible management of their profession. This would include safeguards against untruthful, deceptive and misguiding practices. There is awareness about the misdeeds of advertising which have started to become highlights. Government has also reformed policies which have put a halt on ...

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