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Phase 1- Managing the Springville Herald

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An advertising production team is charged with reducing the number and dollar amount of the advertising errors, with initial focus on the ran-in-error category. The team collects data, including the number of ads with errors, on a Monday-to-Saturday basis. The attached Excel File SH14-1 (attached) includes a table for the total number of ads and the number containing errors for a period of one month. Sundays are excluded because a special type of production is used for that day.

What is the first thing that the team from the advertising production department should do to reduce the number of errors? Explain

A) Construct the appropriate control chart for these data.
B) Is the process in a state of statistical control?
C) What should the team recommend as the next step to improve the process?

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The expert examines managing the Springville Herald.

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Please see the attachment for the control chart for the data.

To reduce the number of errors, the advertising production department should put at least 2 people to do the proofreading for the ads. That way, it could tremendously reduce the number of errors.

A) To evaluate ...

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