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Linking to super encyclopedia

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It is possible to link every term and item in a web page to one super encyclopedia or dictionary so that you could expand on its definition or content? Is this a useful or practical idea? Discuss the consequences of implementing such an idea.

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No, this is not a useful, not a practical idea.

The presentation of text on computer screens has a negative impact on surface legibility [1]. As a consequence, reading on a computer screen is about 20% slower than reading on paper [2]. In order to present a satisfactory level of legibility, computer presentation requires the use of a greater contrast, less information density and bigger characters [3]. Currently, few Web sites put these principles into practice. Screen legibility can also be improved through the use of high definition screens [4], but for most users this technology is still not available.

Visualization of information is another source of difference between print and computer presentation. Print technologies allow the use of large display areas (e.g., newspaper pages, posters), and a straightforward perception of text extension and content (e.g., stacks of books and papers on a desk). With computer presentation, the display area is bound by the physical size of the computer screen. Text resources are represented by symbols, e.g., icons in a file folder or links in a hypertext menu. When browsing through printed materials, contents can be easily scanned; when browsing a hypertext, the user has to select links in order to explore the contents. ...

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