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Strategy: 90% execution and 10% planning, which is most important to hire.

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My hypothesis is that business success is 90% execution and 10% planning. It seems execution is vital to success, but do you agree with the 90-10% split?

You are a manager who has the choice (only one) of,

a) hiring a super strategic planner and an average implementer, or
b) hiring a super implementer and an average strategic planner.

The choice you make directly impacts your job and pay. What choice do you make? Why?

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I had an assignment in the corporate planning organization of a Fortune 50 company. I agree with you the execution takes up a much higher percentage of resources that does planning. However I don't agree with your percentages because if sufficient resources are not given to planning, execution will be even more costly.

So I will say that business success = 20-25% Planning + 80-75% Execution

Strategy is the Primary Driver

It all begins with strategy. Execution cannot occur until one has ...

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The solution modifies the percentages following by seven reasons or explanations about what is important and why the modifications in percentages. Also attached is an lengthy article about corporate planning organization of a Fortune 50 company.

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