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    The Newspaper

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    As an interview, if you're someone that have been getting the news from newspapers over the past ten years, can you please answer the following questions?

    1. What role newspapers played in your subject's life?
    2. What important news was read in the newspaper?
    3. How did the news entertain you?
    4. Is newspaper the most effective way on getting your news? why?
    5. Have you notice any changes on the newspaper over the past years?

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    Competition from television

    American newspapers have had many great successes in this century. They have reported, often with distinction, on wars and politics, and they have covered, occasionally somewhat tardily, the century's dramatic social and technological changes. Investigations like those mounted by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein for the Washington Post, on White House involvement in the cover up of the Watergate break in; have played a crucial role in exposing and presumably deterring violations of the public trust.

    The Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times have now established themselves as major national ...

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