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Persuasive argument about mass communications.

That means I must argue for or against the topic I list in this announcement. I cannot write "about" the topic. I have to have a clear "for or against" thesis.

Topic: If the Internet kills newspapers, it will kill its own information source.

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My argument will be completely against this statement that the if the internet kills newspapers, it will kills its own information source. My argument against this statement is primarily based on the premises that internet is a much larger information resource than internet and cannot be termed as dependent on newspaper for its content on information. In other words, internet boasts of a wide variety of information, entertainment, news, tools, educational material,etc., which cannot be presented in a newspaper. The information presented in a newspaper is just a fraction of the content or information displayed over the internet.

Another strong reason against the validity of this statement is the fact that in ...

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If the Internet kills newspapers, it will kill its own information source.

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News Paper Comparison

You should have two different local papers in front of you. One could be a daily paper, another weekly or student paper. Look at the newspapers, paying special attention to the amount of space devoted to ads compared to that devoted to articles. Look, too, at where the ads are placed within the paper. There are no ads on the front page, but other key places your eye goes are filled with ads, not stories. Can you find examples of that?

OK, if you're the proprietor of a good pizza joint in town, what's your relationship with the editors of these papers? How do they think of you? How do you think of them?

The editors (or head ad people) think of you as a great advertiser or a potential advertiser. You want them to think of you as a great advertiser so your ad gets good placement in their papers. What would good placement be to you? Where would you want your ad to go? On the front page, right? You might also always want to be in the same place so your customers can find your coupon easily when they want it. The editor or ad department has lots of considerations:

As many pages as possible for classified ads because they make a lot of money off of them. There are often coupons with pizza ads, so they can't go back to back.

Some pizza places have been customers for decades so they have special places in the paper. For example, for years Domino's Pizza always got the bottom, left corner of the second page in Texas Daily. Find ads for similar products, services or industries in your papers. Are they close together or spread out? Why do you think they are placed that way? How much space in the paper is devoted to ads?

There are a lot of ads, aren't there? They get the good spots -- the spots peoples' eyes are most likely to migrate toward. They get those spots because they pay for them. How are they placed? What types of ads are placed in which sections? Compare the ads in the sports and lifestyles sections, in the food section and international news. You'd never see an ad for a "gentleman's club" in the front couple of pages of a paper. Where would you find it and why? Now... all of this happens in the advertising department before the editorial department ever gets a hold of the pages. Look at your papers again.

Where is the local, national, international, sports, weather, crime, education, state news? Where does the food section go on Wednesday?

They go between the ads! The news literally gets sandwiched in between the pre-existing ads. Whatever doesn't fit gets trimmed out. It's called the news hole. In a newspaper, as counterintuitive as this may seem, the editorial department whittles away at the news until it fits into the holes left over after the ads have been sold and placed. The ads come first and determine what gets reported as news and how. The ads will dictate how long the news stories can be and how many of them will make it in the paper. Economic factors or considerations shape both the content and the form of the news. How did that happen here? Should have 600-750 words on this comparison.

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