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Decline in Newspaper Popularity

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Some people lament the fact that the printed newspaper's popularity is declining so alarmingly that some of the children of the new generations have never read (or will read) a printed newspaper. What will they miss? Is anything of significant personal or social value being lost? If so, what? If not, why not? Is this change good or bad?

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There have been some debate on the topic of tangible newspapers being replaced with online news articles, social web and individual non-professional news casting. The authenticity of the reporting will suffer. There will, however, be some articles that are investigated as thoroughly as if they were on a printed version but some websites have taken the liberty of using previously published material and submit them as their own.

What will they miss? - ...

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There is an ease of use and convenience for online publications, but that ease of use has also carried over to the investigation side. Most Publications borrow stories from other editors but has become more common and easier to do in a digital environment. This listing reviews the good and bad side of editorials on the internet.

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