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Research Methods: Scientific Method of Data Collection

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Based on the analysis of the last six months' sales, your boss notices that sales of beef products are declining in your chain's restaurants. As beef entrée sales decline, so do profits. Fearing beef sales have declined due to several newspaper stories reporting E.coli contamination discovered at area grocery stores, he suggests a survey of area restaurants to see if the situation is pervasive.
a. What do you think of this research suggestion?
b. How, if at all, could you improve on your boss's formulation of the research question?

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His suggestion lacks scientific method and will potentially provide results that are not accurate with respect to the actual cause of the decline in beef sales. For example, if a survey of area restaurants does reveal that beef sales are declining at a rate similar to what he is experiencing at his restaurant, he will likely conclude that the recent Ecoli reports have, ...

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