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Market Research for Starting an On Line School

What marketing research would you conduct to start an online school?
Please include
1. Problem definition
2. Research design
a. Exploratory - interviews, focus groups to understand problem - for example, what makes the image good or bad
b. Descriptive - surveys, phone interviews - for example, to determine market size, demographics
c. Causal - cause and effect - for example, a contest has what effect on sales
3. Data collection methods - primary (original) and secondary (existing)
4. Data collection forms - what tool will be used (for example, survey, focus group, interview, internet questionnaire)
5. Sample size and data collection
6. Evaluation of results

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1. I would look into what is specifically needed for the school. For example why this type of scholars needed and can it be profitable?

2. I would research this with an eclectic approach. I would also do quantitative and qualitative analysis.
I would use a ...

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The methods for doing market research for an online school ate discussed and described.