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Persuasive Memo: Starting a Company Citizenship Project

Persuasive Memo: Starting a Company Citizenship Project

Congratulations! You've recently been hired as a Public Relations Assistant! After having worked at your new job for several weeks, you've discovered a lack of corporate giving, community involvement and environmental awareness. Seeing a wonderful opportunity to promote the company - and maybe even yourself - you think the company needs to be more aware of what you consider to be core corporate values. After some thought and research, you've selected one great idea. Now you have to convince your supervisor. You are going to present your idea in a persuasive memo.

This project can be internal or external. Sponsoring a children's sports team would be external, and the uniforms with the company name would serve as evidence of company's involvement in the community. Developing a program to improve recycling or energy efficiency in the workplace would be internal, but corporate communications might communicate to those inside and outside the company what is being done to be a good citizen.

1. Complete the research using phone calls and/or email to several businesses.
2. Identify what types of things companies do that might fall under the general area of good business citizenship.
3. Develop an introduction describing your needs regarding this memo. Develop several questions to complete the content. Develop a closing statement for the person that provides information. Be prepared for rejection!
4. Write the memo as to the supervisor. That actual research was performed needs to be made clear with specifics and details. Multiple paragraphs will be needed.
5. Determine an effective subject line.

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Bob Myers
ABC Company

Dear Bob,

Subject: ABC Company can support students in our community

Can you imagine impacting the future of our community youth by allowing them access to our employees and resources? Mr. Easton, from Easy Enterprises, mentioned a terrific program for the company to be more involved in the community and develop an identity through corporate philanthropy (K. Easton, personal communication, 19 Oct 2012). This program would correspond with ABC Company's core value of caring about the needs and expectations of community members. In addition, ABC Company is forecasting a greater demand for educated employees.

It would behoove our company to partner with local high schools to help build an educational infrastructure within the community. To this end, ABC Company could offer the following opportunities to high school students in our community:

1. Offer an open house for students to be aware of the occupations involved at the company ...

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