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Zachary Evans Fitness Center Scenario

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Draft a persuasive memo to Zachary Evans on behalf of Joseph Mirola, presenting reasons for keeping the company fitness center. I am to use the information provided by the case and draw inferences from the case and my own knowledge to support the points but do not invent details. The memo is for Mirola's signature so make sure that the points represent him and his views. In preparing the memo, assume that Mirola will review your draft and determine if any revisions are necessary.


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The assignment really calls for you to do one major thing: identify the points that are important to Joseph Mirola. As I read the case, the following things stood out to me:

-Joe personally saw an increase in energy and productivity
-Employees who used the fitness center averaged medical costs of $100-$300/pp (depending on frequency of use) while those who didn't were $500/pp.
-Absenteeism for fitness center users was half

The first point is mostly Joe, but the second two points also represent a smart business perspective. When persuading a higher up that something is worthwhile, cost becomes a major factor. ...