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Rocky Mountain Mutual case

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I need help with the following:

Writing Memos

Review the Purdue's OWL site on memos, make sure you review all four areas. Accessed August 12, 2009, at: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/590/01/

Bowman, J. P. Writing Persuasive Messages. Accessed August 12, 2009, at: http://homepages.wmich.edu/~bowman/c4eframe.html

Please read the Rocky Mountain Mutual case at http://www.businesscommunication.org/publications/bcq/cases/Rocky_Mount ain.pdf

Apply as many concepts as possible from the readings. After you've written the memo, describe how you used the ideas from the readings.

Thanks again in advance for all your assistance.

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Zachary Evans
Vice President - Operations
Rocky Mountain Insurance

Joe Mirola
Rocky Mountain Insurance

Subject: Promoting Fitness Amongst Employees

Date: October 27, 2009.

Pursuant to our meeting about the status of the Health and Fitness Center I would again request you to reconsider your proposal to close the Fitness center. Though on the surface very few people are using the center frequently, our study of the usage and its impact on the performance of the workers suggests that there is more to it than meets the eye. The Fitness Center offers both tangible and intangible benefits that help the profitability of the firm and in my opinion any decision to close the center will have a negative impact on the company.

Our study of the usage has come out with the following information: people who are using the center three or more times a week have incurred a health cost of $100 per person, those who use it once or twice incurred a cost of $300 per person, and those who did not use it incurred a cost of $500 per person. As you know about 10% of the employees use the center three or more times a week, another 25% use it at least once, while 65% of the employees do not use the center. If we just ...

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Rocky Mountain Mutual case is modeled in a memo.

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