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    Newspaper Advertising & B2B Marketing

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    1.5)What are the primary benefits of newspaper advertising? What are the primary problems?

    2.5)What special challenges does media selection present for business-to-business advertising? What roles do gatekeepers play in creating those challenges?

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    Newspaper advertising, whether in print, through the websites or through smartphones/tablets, offer the broadest reach regardless of the mass medium. Although the manner in which consumers read a newspaper depends upon the medium, studies have shown that the benefits of newspaper advertising are compelling and noteworthy.
    According to MansiMedia, there is a total of about 111 million adult Americans who read the newspaper in all media. A newspaper advertisement can reach about 7 out of 10 adults and can engage its readers highly because they value the news, local coverage, and the advertisements. Newspapers can give an in-depth coverage for local events and news. Therefore, news ads can target a particular audience more than any other medium. It can be according to zoning inserts by zip code or a publication targeting a certain group, newspapers can offer a wide range of services and can target the audience that advertisers want to reach.
    It is convenient to the consumers as these news ...

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