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    Trends in Print Media

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    Identify three trends propagated by the print media.

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    Hello. The solution below is concise but comprehensive enough for what you are asking assistance with in your posting. As I am not quite sure whether it is a cultural trend established by the print media or trends followed IN the print media you are asking about, I went for a balance of both with print media being limited ONLY to printed materials thereby limiting their reach. This being a sociological paper, I assumed that this is about establishing cultural or counter-cultural practices. I hope this helps.

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    Print Media Trends (Cultural Impact)

    Trend 1: Establishing Website mirrors of Printed Products

    Just as the CNN and the BBC have their own news websites, with online and broadcast news threatening the circulation and market of printed news (newspapers, dailies, magazines, etc.), the latter knew they had to beat the broadcast groups in their own game and join the trend of media convergence. Hence, print media worked in creating mirror sites of their own printed products. Newsweek for example has a website ...

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    The solution is a concise 605-word APA format essay that presents 3 current trends established or followed by the print media for the purpose of enhancing readership and product marketability.References are listed. Sample print media is used to illustrate identified trends. References are listed for easy expansion. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing.