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Immediate benefits that traditional media use

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This discussion emerges in light of previous discussions about the challenges faced by traditional media in light of the growing popularity of social media.

In the case of this discussion, we will gloss over some important and highly tangible benefits that traditional media derives from the presence of social media, as well as touching on some practical examples of how the former has explicitly benefited from the latter in terms of dissemination of information to a wider audience, community reach, and ease of access.

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There have been plenty of discussions on the competitive nature of print media and new media, which can be best described by the shape it has taken in the digital age by way of their competition with the sheer speed and scale of social media and the hashtag culture that is best exemplified through Twitter. It's often an either-or discussion about traditional forms of media being rendered redundant in light of the unprecedented manner in which social media can allow instant access and updates to information.

However, there's one particular relationship between these two mediums that also merits consideration. With time, more print outlets are starting to take advantage of new media without necessarily foregoing their old media roots or their printed publications. In this scenario, one is merely used to continue propping up and keeping the other relevant and competitive in the digital age (NAA, 2011).

While the debate about the dwindling struggle of traditional print media against the growing market command of new media rages on, many established publications are indeed enjoying the best of both worlds. Well known newspapers and magazines are not only continuing to produce printed content, but have also been highly ...

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Considering some of the practical benefits that traditional media attains through the emerging presence and dominance of social media as an information platform in what is swiftly becoming a highly competitive information age.