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    E-business: Challenges, B2B, B2C Benefits/Drawbacks

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    Evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of both B2B (business-to-Business) and B2C (Business-to-Consumer) E-Business. Which holds the greatest promise for the immediate future? Explain your rationale.

    Evaluate the challenges to E-Business and determine which is the most difficult to address. Make at least one (1) recommendation for addressing the challenge (please be as creative as you like).

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    Most of the benefits/drawbacks are similar for B2B and B2C.

    Some benefits of B2B e-business is ensuring just in time delivery, eliminating the need to go through a middleman, having the ability to search for prices on line, place orders, and receive product without additional costs of physically printing, mailing or phoning in order, picking up product. More efficient for customer and supplier.
    Drawbacks for B2B: pricing on web for all to see allows competitors to react and lower their prices, less knowledge of customers might mean less control ( don't really know who is buying product, could be consumers getting deal, for instance), supplier would need to react quickly to orders to ensure delivery ...

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    This solution outlines the benefits and drawbacks of business to business and business to consumer e-business, and discusses which holds the greatest promise for the future. It also evaluates the challenges to e-business and determines which challenge is most difficult to address. It gives recommendations for addressing this challenge, and provides examples. 462 words.