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    Sell to businesses (B2B) or consumers (B2C)

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    To expand project sales, consideration is being given by the owners to sell to consumers (B2C). They realize it presents sales challenges regarding staffing and types of products. They ask the staff their opinions about it.

    * Would you prefer to sell to businesses (B2B) or consumers (B2C) or both and why?
    * Suggestions for Studio management?

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    //Before scripting about Business to Consumers, we will first of all discuss about the importance of the marketing on the web. In this paper, we will also talk about the B2C websites and its common 8 elements. These websites are mainly conceived as the mediator portal that assists the business in linking with the number of consumers.//

    Business to Consumer

    Marketing on web is a part of electronic commerce. Marketing through web is a new way of interacting with people and doing business with them. It has a lot more power as compared to other forms of marketing. It is powerful because it is interactive. It can also be referred as online marketing and Internet- marketing. E-business describes the use of electronic means and give a platform to conduct a company's business (Technical Definitions: What is electronic commerce? 2003). The advent of Internet has greatly increased the ability of companies to conduct their business faster and more accurately over a wide range of time and space. To expand project sales of the company, the consideration that has been given by the owner is to sell the products to consumers I.e. By B2C (business to consumers). I would also prefer to expand the sales by B2C (Kotler, 2001).

    Business-to-Consumer websites are the intermediary portal between the consumers ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 565 words with references.