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    Importance of constant dynamism in online video media

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    The discussion will address the importance of perpetual dynamism in facing the challenged of online video media, especially from the perspective of content creators and service providers. The discussion itself will aim to highlight this point with the recent and rather specific monetisation policy developments that have taken place on YouTube platform and their potential impact -- as well as challenges -- on well-established content creators and their audience.

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    There is always a discussion to be had about the merits and pitfalls of various media mediums, especially in the context of comparing new media with traditional media. After all, these come with substantial challenges for both the consumers of said media and those engaged as or professionals in said industries. Naturally, there is quite a gulf between the two as traditional media (newspapers, printed magazines, etc.) has a much more, to put it simply, solid and concrete structure when compared to the pace and challenges of new media (social media, online video content, news websites, etc.).

    However, there is a far broader conversation to be had about the consistent nature of challenges within new media. Unlike the transition from one medium to another, new media itself can be seen as a somewhat perpetual series of challenges that require constant adaptation; this is a matter of design as new media benefits from being highly dynamic, which also makes it subject to consistent and quicker change. One such change can be examined, in its specific context, as well as its far-reaching implications.

    Online video content distribution has become a muscular - and commercially reliable - arm of online media. It is readily ...

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    The need for dynamism among online video content creators is vital in facing the very organic nature of online media and the frequency with which its landscape shifts. We will examine YouTube as a contextual example, as it provides some excellent insights for such a need as a leading platform populated by many successful online media content creators who must face such challenges that have a far-reaching implications for creators and the network as a whole.