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The Effects of Social and Mass Media on Youth

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Question: Choose an issue (in this case - social and mass media) and get in-depth discussion on preventing the risk factors from developing into an issue that would require treatment or intervention. Also include the various supporters that would be involved and their roles.

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Social media provides all kinds of benefits, but also all kinds of problems. I chose this topic because of the prevalence of teens not understanding the ramifications of their postings in criminal cases. You can use this information and the references to make a case. It is just a general outline and you can put your focus where it seems most interesting to you.

Social media creates a place for young people (and old) to meet, talk, and see what friends are up to and how they are doing. With all the good of connecting and finding, some darker issues in social media need addressing. Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, and other sites provide instant access for some, the ability to share what is happening with others, within seconds and in real time. However, using one's phone, computer, or tablet for sending out the status or recent video of what is happening can be a problem.

A look at the YouTube video site and you can see dozens, hundreds, probably thousands of videos that engage youth in violent acts. These videos are graphic, ...

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The effects of social and mass media of youth are determined.

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Violence in the media research

Albert Bandura brought forth the social learning theory. In this theory, he studied how violence portrayed in the mass media would have an affect upon children. One of these effects was modeling. A child would internalize what he or she saw and imitate the behavior.

Do you believe violence in the mass media and in video games contributes to the violence of youth? Why or why not?

How could the effects of this violence on children be negated?

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