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    Utilization of Internet technology

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    I need your help with the following essay. Thanks.

    Describe the use of the Internet in your company or organization (WebPros)

    Address the following issues:

    Is the Internet used for advertising?
    Is the Internet used for internal and external information dissemination?
    Is the Internet used for market research?
    Is the Internet used for value added services?
    Is there any apparent tie-in with the company's tactical or strategic plans?

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    Dear Student,

    The essay below answers the questions you presented in essay form, my preferred method of presenting a position. Use it as you will for your studies on this subject matter. In writing your own version, observe how I presented my arguments and the details I quoted and adopt them. It is very important to present figures and statistics if you can when claims are made. Good luck!

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    Web Pros & Internet Advertising

    The Company I work for specializes on web services developing applications as well as maintaining & designing websites for various clients ranging from individuals to companies who are focused on various industries. As such, Web Pros understands the value & importance of the internet because IT is our business to do so. We exist as an entity of business because of it providing service based on it and pushing the boundaries of development to provide services & products that take Internet Applications & businesses to the next level. The internet is contested ground - it is the new frontier for business expansion especially in making the world aware of one's services & presence - it is the new Television, radio, phone line, telegram, & advertising billboard rolled into a singular, fast, information-on-demand technology.

    The Internet is definitely used for advertising. According to Nielsen Net ratings, 71.7% of the American populace are internet users, which is about 215,935,529 Americans going online to find information at their fingertips, to chat & connect with family & friends or to get updated with the news. As such CNN, The BBC, Fox & just about every major & minor TV stations are exploring the net to expand & maintain a presence to catch that valuable 'netizen' as much as they vie on air ...

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    The solution discusses a case study that looks at how said case study utilizes the technology of the internet in conducting its business as Web Design & development company. It looks at the particular use of the internet either as a tool for marketing, sales & research while discussing the recent development in terms of information technology that could be harnessed for corporate growth. The solution uses statistics to expand examples & provides a bibliography for easy referencing. A word version is also provided.