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research of Computers in Human Behavior

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Comment on the attached reports of empirical research of Computers in Human Behavior.

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Epistemology: The article is "The role of task-technology fit as users' motivation to continue information
system use" by Tor J. Larsen a, Anne M. Sørebø b, Øystein Sørebø b,* This has been published in Computers in Human Behavior 25 (2009) 778-784
This is an empirical research.
Ontology: The article uses the post acceptance model of information systems continuance. The article draws on expectation-conformation theory in consumer behavior. The post acceptance model seeks to describe the information systems users intention to either continue or discontinue to use an information system. The theory that this research uses is that after the acceptance of information systems, the users forms an opinion of the extent to which their pre-acceptance expectations are confirmed. At the same time some amount of confirmation and perceived usefulness develops. These ...

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