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Artificial Intelligence: Brains & Computers

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Brains & Computers

If the brain is a computer and the mind its workings, is this a fitting analogy of the computer and its software? What would happen if we had dedicated computers with a huge number of neuron circuits? Would intelligence develop? Would we be able to understand it

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The brain and the computer are two different systems, made of different materials and process information differently. The brain in fact created the computer, and now the effort is being reversed where the computer is trying to make a brain! No computer comes close to the processing power of a brain which has approximately or more than 100 billion neurons and 100 trillion interconnections. The way parallel processing (e.g. Thinking and writing at the same time) is possible with a brain, is not impossible with a computer, but the degrees, variations and methods might not be accomplished by a computer, as compared to a human brain. Moreover, computers and humans are experts in their own respect; a human can not do what a computer can and vice versa. For instance, a human brain can not compute the square root of 20875648483957609969 as fast as a computer can, although the algorithm to calculate the square root was fed into the computer by a human! Things such as language, speech, motor control or visual recognition are like second nature to humans, which are far out of reach of a computer status quo. Until today, researchers are unable to understand fully how a human brain functions. The similarity ...

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It is fair to compare the brain with the computer, and the mind with the software, however, the operations, functions and behavior will never resemble in exactness. This solution is 715 words with three references.

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