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Human Brain and Computers

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Brain and computers, Thinking computers

Hello. This is for a discussion question and wanted to get your opinion..
Based on pieces I've read about identity and consciousness, I've been thinking about how I would answer the argument "humans are just highly evolved thinking machines" and "computers will someday be able to 'think' exactly the same way humans do."
Do you have any thoughts about this?

I guess I reject functionalism because I haven't seen any proof that anything running a digital
program will give the machine the capacity to understand the analogue brain. Am I missing something with this or just not thinking outside of the box?

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I reject this theory as well because computers and software can make decisions based on predefined logic, set of instructions or programs created by humans. Hence, even if the humans are able to copy the ...

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This solution provides discussion whether it would be possible for computers to think like human brain, and rejects this theory and justifies why with examples.