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Psychology of Learning

Take a couple of minutes and think about the equipment you use. Provide an example of a good or bad human factor designed device based on what you have learned about memory.

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Human factors can be explained as automation that is tied into perceptions that enable the human operator in fulfilling well-defined tasks (Shulte, Meltinger, & Onken, 2009). The human factor is associated with a person interacting with a machine in a specific environment, and factors that are characteristic of humans including cognitive (e.gl, attention, memory), social properties (interaction), and physical properties (hearing, vision) are stressed. A good example of a human-factor designed device associated with equipment that I use often, and depend uponâ"is the cell phone.

Studies have shown the cell phone to play a significant role as a memory devices designed to help persons, who are experiencing memory loss and/or deficits. As an ...

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This soluton provides an example of a good or bad human factor concerning memory.