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Neurotransmitters role in PD; similarity in brain & computer

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1. Explain Parkinson disease - specifically shedding light on neurotransmitter

2. Post similarities between brain and computer

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Role of neurotransmitters in normal brain functioning:

A neurotransmitter is any one of the chemicals that neurons use for communication.
The two primary neurotransmitters involved in maintaining this balance are dopamine, which is released by the substantia nigra, and acetylcholine, which is used by multiple brain structures to send inhibitory signals. Dopamine is a chemical messenger responsible for transmitting signals between the substantia nigra and the next "relay station" of the brain, the corpus striatum, to produce smooth, purposeful movement. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter which works in conjunction with dopamine to produce smooth movement. Some of the nerve cells in the brain are specialized to use either dopamine or acetylcholine to send different messages, depending on their purpose.

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The Similarities between human brain and computers:

a) Functions and Purpose
Both are used for storage of information, to process information and to run tasks.
In terms of the functions, both are used for mathematical calculations, carrying out complex algorithms and to storing of crucial information.
a) Role in society
Both play extremely ...

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This solution provides information on Parkinson's disease, role of neurotransmitters in normal brain functioning, cause and symptoms of PD, medication of PD targeting neurotransmitters. In the sencond part, the solution provides the similarities between human brain and computers.