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    Artificial Intelligence and Kruzweil's Theory on Singularity

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    1) What technological advancements have contributed to the progression of Artificial Intelligence over the past 10 years?

    2) Predict what the future may hold if Ray Kruzweil's theory on Singularity becomes a reality.

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    These are that technological advancement that made artificial intelligence (AI) possible:

    - Powerful and fast computers. The role of IBM is similarly important. IBM scientists, "Contributed to the early research in the field," of artificial intelligence (National Academy of Sciences, 2013)
    - Improved programming software
    - Large storage spaces in computers
    - Ease of sharing of information of AI thru the Internet

    Ray Kurzweil believes computers will soon ...

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    This is a two-paragraph discussion of the advancement of AI for the past decade and in the light of Kruzweil's theory on Singularity.