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Decision Sciences in Medicine

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This solution references decision sciences in medicine.

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Decision Sciences in Medicine

Artificial intelligence continues to creep into the medical field. We have to face the facts that while we are superior at assessments, certainly computer based systems are likely more adept at applying the assessment information in cross reference against the unimaginably large amount of potential illness or ailments that a patient could be suffering from.
I am going to present to you, the management of this company, some resources that may be helpful to the company as we explore the potential for use of artificial intelligence or decision science in the delivery of efficient and effective healthcare.
The first site that I want to point out is found at the following URL: http://www.coiera.com/ailist/list.html. This site caters to the medical field and the use of artificial intelligence in the medical field. It has a large amount of information that may be helpful to our situation as well. It addresses many artificial intelligence systems that have been in use in the medical field for some time. This is a general site with links to many others, which I would like to point out as I continue this discussion.
The following URL: http://www.cee.hw.ac.uk/~alison/ai3notes/all.html, shows notes developed by Alison Cawsey in classes taken at Heriot Watt University. The web document provides some basic information having to do with ...

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