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    Fundraising and Endowments

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    I need some help with drafting the text for a donor brochure for any school of medicine/health Sciences/health management explaining endowments and why donors should fund endowments. Also, come up with a rough draft of the position description for the director of development for such school.

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    Educational Endowments essentially consist of the donations or the transference of assets to institutions of higher learning, that usually include property, and or monetary benefits. Endowments are very helpful for educational institutions of any size, and provide these institutions with the financial means to provide for a myriad of services to students and the surrounding community. Endowments are a means by which many individuals gain the financial aid that is needed for them to matriculate their education within the institution, and without the financial benefits provided by endowment donors, many individuals would not be able to afford their education. The denial of education to individuals due to financial hardships would have tragic consequences, due to the fact that many individuals would go on to achieve great feats in medicine, the health sciences, and health management, once they receive the education and the degrees that are needed to ...