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The Managerial Aspects of Fundraising

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Pretend you had to Interview a development director of a charitable organization what would/should you expect to discover from him/her? Discuss those findings.....interview the development director regarding his/her involvement with preparing fundraising strategies for endowments etc., What would you expect he/she would say when asked to describe the managerial challenges he/she should/would expect to face that you would learn in this interview?.

Evaluate the managerial and planning aspects of fundraising.

Learning Objective:
Recognize the research and records component of fundraising.

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Fundraising can be a challenging endeavor, and for the managers of fundraising events the challenges of running a successful fundraising campaign can require great deal of management skill and determination. Upon interviewing a manager of a fund raising event, I would expect for there to be a great number of challenges in the facilitation of the effective and efficient management of this event.

The manager would probably inform me that one of the most difficult aspects of managing such an event, is to be able to effectively plan the event in a very detailed manner. All of the circumstances surrounding ...

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