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Fundraising in the Educational Setting

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What types of regulations are placed on fundraising activities?

To some extent this depends on the individual school or district. Fundraising for specific school teams, clubs and trips typically needs to follow school procedures. In many cases this means that my fundraising effort cannot interfere from another club's efforts. For my two trips to Europe we did run the concession stand during basketball games however because of numerous school policies related to fundraising we chose to do most of our fundraising efforts outside of the school day. We did car washes and other fundraisers on the weekends.

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What is your experience with school fundraising?

I am currently teaching at an international school in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We are in the middle of a long-term fundraising effort to raise money for a new school. We are talking about millions of dollars. We also have all the typical fund raising events that most public and private schools have. We have sports supporters clubs, academic clubs, fundraising to raise money for band and choir trips, field trips to points of interest etc. My experience is as a parent who is expected to help with fundraising either with money or by donating my time to run a concession stand during sporting events. My experience is also as a teacher who has organized fundraising activities. I have taken students on trips to Europe during two summers. In order to do these trips we did many ...

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