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Risks of Fundraising

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What kind of risks do fundraisers expose themselves to, and how do they go about dealing with these risks? Be specific.

Explain the advantages and purposes of using a fundraising planning template in the planning of fundraising projects.

This unit focused on the completion of a fundraising event/campaign plan. You were given the opportunity to use your creativity and vision in planning a fundraising event/campaign to raise monies for a specific sport program. In your opinion, what is the most important part of the plan? Please explain your reasons for this answer.

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What kind of risks do fundraisers expose themselves to, and how do they go about dealing with these risks? Be specific.

1. Lack of a fundraising strategy is a significant risk to fundraisers because if no competent strategy exists fundraisers will not have a target of investment in their most promising areas. The best way to alleviate this problem is to develop a cost-based fundraising strategy that is linked to the organizational business plan of the fundraising organization.

2. Another risk that fundraisers expose themselves to is being overly dependent upon only a few income sources wherein they could be receiving too much funding from statutory sources. The key to solving this risk is to diversify your fundraising plan as much as possible to align it with a strategy not placated on overdependence on just a few income sources.

3. Many fundraisers expose themselves to high rates of employee turnover. This may result from a myriad of reasons as often staff are volunteers and family issues, ...

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Discusses the risks of fundraising.

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