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    Fundraising Responsibilities: Board

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    600 words. The board of directors has fundraising responsibilities. How can the executive director help them fulfill that role?

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    The board of directors has fundraising responsibilities. The executive director can help them fulfill that role in several ways. He should communicate the details of the fund raising program, the strategies he proposes, and remind them of their responsibilities in relation to fund raising. He should first ask them to thank donors. This is important and not a difficult role. For example, the board member can phone a donor he knows and thank him. Alternately, he can send a personal e-mail to the donor. Next, the executive director should encourage the board members to communicate with the donors and inform them about the work your organization is doing. They should tell great stories about the impact of your organization in the community. For example, the executive director can tell them a story of how a scholarship helped a local student reach a top position in a multinational. The executive director should give them some statistics that they can talk about. The key objective of the executive director should be to ask the board members to identify prospective donors and give ...

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