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Fundraising Research for Nonprofits

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Why do you think there has been more research and more published about fundraising than other areas of nonprofit management? What impact has this research had on fundraising? Thank you in advance for your help. It is greatly appreciated.

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The focus on fund raising in nonprofit research is the result of many factors related to the
external business environment, as well as a few internal factors. In times of economic hardship, profit businesses are not the only ones affected by slow sales, growth, and profit increases. Non-profit organizations face challenges in achieving goals for donations, due to contributors experiencing budget crunches. This applies to both individual (personal) and corporate contributors. Therefore, non-profit organizations must find creative solutions for fund raising, that reach beyond their current scope of potential contributors and seek unique, new potential funding sources. The focus on research of non-profit organizations tends to be concentrated in areas of challenge for this sector.
Non-profit organizations rely more heavily on contributions of donors than for-profit organizations. Investors of for-profit organizations count on achieving a return on their investment, in terms of monetary profit. ...

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This 588 word solution discusses nonprofit organizations and focuses on the importance of fundraising research and how it contributes to the success of nonprofit organizations, in achieving missions. It, also, includes a list of references.