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Sport Fundraising

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Please explain how feasibility studies work, and give reasons for their importance for the sport fundraiser.

Identify and research two matching gift programs on the Internet. Compare and contrast each.

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- Please explain how feasibility studies work, and their importance for the sport fundraiser.

Feasibility studies are done to ascertain the realistic feasibility of a fundraising event being a success. The study ascertains several important variables that will ultimately determine success or failure within a fundraising event such as if the community where the fundraiser will be held has an interest in the event, is there a desire within the organization to ensure that the proper amount of enthusiasm and dedication will be appropriated toward the event, does the organization have the proper amount of resources to develop the event. In addition, the organization needs to estimate the cost of putting the event together and determine if the resources and ...

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Discusses fundraising using internet capabilities.

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Sports Fundraising

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