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Public Service Campaign and Fundraising

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Based upon a public service campaign.

Fundraising - If you feel that there is a cause that you are passionate about and would like to see your community follow that passion, you can convince others to participate in a fundraiser to help that cause. Get family and friends involved with a walk/run for a cure by donating their time and money. Have church members donate baked goods to the church's bake sale, which raises money for the local food bank.

Remember that you are trying to convince your readers to join you in participating in a specific action related to one of the topics above. Your first step is writing a cohesive, complete, five-paragraph persuasive response that will help you to organize research and determine what aspects of the cause you have chosen are worthwhile. elements.

- The persuasive essay is based on one of the three prompts given.

- The introduction of your essay includes a properly constructed three-point thesis statement that identifies the issue and states your opinion on that issue.

- The argument contains at least three reasons that support your thesis statement.

- The essay contains two pieces of evidence from outside resources to support your reasoning.

- The essay is organized and effective by stating your strongest reason last.

- The argument contains counterarguments.

- The conclusion of your essay includes a call to action and a restatement of your thesis statement.

Can you help me with this? Also, I was thinking of like the local food banks and the Santa kettles. Thank you.

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The expert examines public service campaign and fundraising.

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Few would agree that there is nothing more exciting than watching children play in competitive sports. Not only does it force them away from the television, it puts them outside in the fresh air in an environment where teamwork is essential and victory is sweet. However in _________ (name of town), it is quite noticeable that there is a lack of little league opportunities for young children to participate in. Therefore, it is proposed that ______ (Name of town) consider starting a local sports club for young children.

Why would this be so ...

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