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    Opportunity statement & Healthcare

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    Hi I need to write a full project but need some help getting started.

    Opportunity Statement
    address a very specific opportunity or issue ( my idea is using a non profit healthcare organization such as the founders clinic, see this website: http://clackamasvim.org/). Defining this focus clearly articulate what the general issue or challenge is.

    The following elements should be included:

    1. Describe the general problem / opportunity. The source of the issue may arise from a variety of forces including but not limited to: competition, innovation, regulation, labor issues, a change in leadership, merger, globalization or a natural disaster.
    2. Out of the general problem / opportunity comes the specific issue. This is the heart of your plan. It must be very narrow, it must be very specific, and it must be able to improve organizational performance. Describe your strategic leverage point that can be implemented, created or changed.
    3. Described the desired end state. What will the organization look like when this issue or opportunity is addressed? Do not talk about the solution yet - talk about what this change will do for the organization.
    4. Briefly describe solutions and approaches to this issue. What options can you consider? In this conversation, talk about the approach, the resources that will be needed as well as pros and cons to each.
    5. From the list of alternatives, share the option you would focus on for a project. Describe this strategy in more detail, focusing on why this option is the best way to improve organizational performance and a wise use of resources. Give your rationale for your choice and support it with evidence.

    APA style. references.

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    I hope this helps you get started. Please let me know what you think.

    Opportunity Statement

    Navy General, a fictional non-profit hospital, is interested in increasing philanthropy and creating awareness of its services to the community. There is an opportunity to use e-business to help expand the hospital's commitment to the community. The hospital is dedicated to improving the health of the communities it serves with quality and compassion. It distinguishes itself by providing high quality health care services, promoting patient safety and prevention of injury, partnering with physicians to strengthen the delivery of care and building alliances to create healthier communities.

    General Problem/Situation

    The hospital currently depends upon the generosity of donors to help maintain the high quality of patient care, support clinical and educational programs, and make possible the purchase of life-saving medical equipment. Traditional methods of raising funds have not been effective.

    The source of the issue appears to be the local economy as well as general awareness as to the services the hospital provides with money that it raises through donations. The Association for Healthcare Philanthropy (AHP) reports "donations have fallen off considerably since mid-2008" having been "squeezed out by the recession" (Minich-Pourshadi, 2009). As a not for profit, locally governed and community based organization, the hospital's focus is on improving the health of the community it serves. All funds left over after salaries, good and services for patient care, services provided to those who could not pay, interest, and other operating expenses are reinvested into the hospital to provide for programs, advanced technology, and community services.

    Specific Issue

    The hospital must generate greater awareness in order to garner more donations and increase awareness of its services. By creating an e-business site for the hospital, greater awareness of the hospitals services will be available. In addition, the hospital will be able to engage the community in preventive health information, news about the hospital, health promotion activities, disease prevention and management and encourage philanthropy.

    The strategic leverage point that must be created is a connection between the hospital and the community. In researching other healthcare facilities, donations are often ...

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    This solution creates an opportunity statement for a specific opportunity, articulating the challenge, possible solutions, and desired end state. Includes APA formatted references.