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Non-Profit Organizations: Board Recruitment

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Describe challenges to board recruitment, and reasons why they would be challenges and how they can be addressed.

The solution provides "real world" scenarios on two recruitment challenges.The first is lack of compensation as most members serving a non-profit are in unpaid positions. Unless a person is retired and/or has another income source, it can be difficult to take on the responsibilities of a position that has no pay. The other challenge is fully understanding the vast job duties; such as being tasked with making difficult decisions on matters such as budgeting and program cuts.

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There are two prominent challenges in recruiting board members to serve non-profit organizations. The first element is the economic conditions which persist into 2013. The majority of Board members want to serve an organization they believe in; and traditionally compensation is not a major factor in pursuing a position. However, as unemployment rates linger around historical highs, the luxury of having a "side gig" that pays very little, if anything at all, is not feasible. Individuals may have full-time jobs that simply make it too difficult for serving in a Board member capacity outside of a ...

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This solution is about 400 words and provides two examples of the challenges faced when recruiting for non-profit Board member positions. The solution explains two challenges that exist in recruitment and possible remedies for overcoming them.