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    Recruitment: Strategies for Obtaining Board Members for a Homeless Shelter

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    1. What knowledge, skills and expertise would be needed for a potential board member for an organization like a homeless shelter.

    2. Explain two strategies or tools you might use in your recruitment of this new board member. Be specific.
    Can you provide references please. Thanks

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    1. Most homeless shelter agencies/organizations have non-profit status. When recruiting for a Board member, it is likely the position would be unpaid, or come with a modest stipend. The knowledge, skills and expertise (KSE) required for such a position would be varied. Board members would need to have a general understanding of finances, non-profit operations and social services. Depending on the homeless shelter need, recruitment may also require skills in target areas as fundraising, human resources, or even accounting. ...

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    The two-part case study answers questions related to hiring a Board member for a homeless shelter. This solution is over 300 words in length and includes a link to an actual sample job posting for a Board member in emergency housing. The solution addresses what typical knowledge, skills and expertise should be sought in the "ideal" candidate, along with explaining two strategies in pursuing the potential candidates.