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What can be done to reduce homelessness?

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From a sociology perspective what can be done to reduce homelessness?

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Hello. The question presented can have a multitude of answers because homelessness is a social problem that can be tackled from a myriad of sociological approaches, concerns and perspectives. The solution below takes 2 of these possible avenues and it should get you started. If you have any questions regarding the information provided, you can use the listed references for expansion. Good luck on your studies and thank you for using Brainmass.

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Sociology as a discipline is the study of the human society - how it works, its inner structures and dynamics. The purpose of studying is to understand social phenomenon for the purpose of providing solutions to social problems. There are positive and negative phenomenon. Homelessness is a negative social phenomenon that brings suffering and misery to a number of people. The homeless are those who cannot afford a regular, safe and adequate dwelling for a number of reasons which, in the case of most of the homeless in the US have to do with economic and financial stability as well as social and political status/security (i.e. homeless illegal immigrants). IN urban areas, the chronically homeless find themselves in the streets, sleeping and 'living' in subways, back alleys, under bridges and public places. To some they are a menace, still to others they are members of society at risk of abuse by criminal elements. The homeless usually carry their belongings wherever they are as they have no access to storage. The worst part for those who cannot sleep in a shelter - government 'homes' where the homeless and ...

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The solution is a 950-word narrative that discusses the problem of homeless from a sociological perspective and offers some possible actions that can be taken to resolve the this social problem. References are listed for further studies. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing.