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Homelessness as a Social Problem

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a. In what ways might homelessness be categorized as a social problem? Please explain, supporting your post.

b. In your opinion, is utilizing public funds to assist the homeless appropriate? How do you define what is appropriate use of public funds, and how does the use of public funds fit inside or outside of appropriate use?

c. Complete a web search focusing on policies intended to reduce or eliminate homelessness. Provide an example of a potentially effective response to the problem of homelessness. Define the elements that make this solution effective.

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a. Homelessness can be categorized as a social problem due to the fact that societal inequities in the distribution of wealth and resources lead to some individuals not being able to access jobs, and or capital, that would help them to become economically stable. In addition, the government's failure to provide shelter for these individuals is a travesty, due to the fact that billions of dollars that are sent overseas could be used to build trailer parks etc., for the homeless. Homeless individuals in ...

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