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    Assistance on creating a problem statement on environmental stressors.

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    This portion of the text deals with the problems that come in the way of providing assistance to homeless mothers'. Major issue discussed in this study is the conflict among social networks. The exploratory research design is conducted for the survey to explore various ideas, and opinions of the respondents.

    Thesis Topic and Problem to be Studied

    1. What is the general topic/context of your doctoral thesis study?
    The topic of thesis study is- the environmental stressor on homeless single mother: how they choose social support and effects on decision making.

    2. What is the general problem or issue leading to the need for the study?
    The issue is to improve the parenting behavior, well-being and health of homeless women, and how to provide them social support that helps in their financial stability.

    3. What is the specific problem you will study?
    How to remove conflicts among these networks in order to get the benefit of social support at a consistent level.

    4. What evidence exists that the problem actually exists (recent supporting scholarly citations)?
    In the United states, almost 50% of the families were homeless with 1.35 children within those families (National Alliance to end Homelessness, 2004). A typical homeless family consists of a young single mother with two or three children (HUD office of community planning and development, July 2008).

    5. What is the gap in the literature the study will address?
    The study will address the gap between the social network seeks to provide support to the homeless mothers' and problems in the form of conflicts come in the way of providing such assistance.

    Thesis Purpose and Alignment with Problem

    6. What is the purpose of the study?
    To measure how they choose social support and to examine the effect of conflict and social network support on parenting behaviors and social/financial stability (Marra, McCarthy, Lin, Ford, Rodis & Frisman, 2009).

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    The response addresses the queries posted.