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    rhetorical strategy

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    Using homelessness as a topic, this solution offers a tutorial on the following tasks:

    Review the Rhetoric and Argument and Logical Fallacies

    Consider an argument or arguments you plan to make in your Persuasive Research.

    Determine which rhetorical strategy or strategies are most suited for your argument(s).

    Craft one argument using a rhetorical strategy of your choosing, being careful to avoid any logical fallacies.

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    For the student,
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    Without further lecturing, I will start by mentioning that the first step would be to brainstorm your ideas around the topic of "homelessness". You can do so by asking yourself the significantly relative questions to this topic:
    Step One~
    1. What does homelessness mean to the homeless?
    2. What does homelessness mean to me?
    3. What do I know about homelessness?
    4. What do I need to know more about homelessness?
    5. How does one define homelessness?
    6. What are the pros and cons of ...

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    This solution offers a thorough guide to exploring homelessness as a topic for rhetorical strategy.