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Executive Director Responsibilities and Fundraising

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Can someone please provide some assistance with this question. It's for a graduate MBA course. It needs to be between 500 and 600 words. Explain how the Executive Director can help the board fulfill its responsibility for fundraising? Thank you in advance for your help. I wish I could afford alot of credits but because I post often I can't. I do appreciate all the help and hope someone will pick this up and provide the assistance I need. Thank you again.

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In a nonprofit organization (NGO), the executive director plays a critical role in terms of leadership and management. He has various responsibilities that are essential in maintaining the organization. With this in mind, he must possess not only strong leadership skills but also personal skills as well as overall knowledge in running the NGO properly. An executive director creates a clear vision and shares it to all the staff in the organization so that it can unite everyone to a common purpose. He must ensure that they understand the mission and vision of the organization and how they can fulfill their roles in the attainment of these goals. Leading and managing the staff are other essential responsibilities that an executive director does for the organization. He hires and manages the staff and makes sure that the tasks are being fulfilled, fills in the gaps to fulfill those that haven't been taken care of, and see if there are new activities and tasks to be done and to provide the resources for them. An executive director also engages the external community to understand the organization's mission. He builds relationships with the outside community to enhance their awareness, recruit donors and volunteers who can support the organization. He is the organization's spokesperson and implements relevant programs that will be helpful to the community.
The executive director of an NGO plays a ...

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