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Outline for a fundraising plan

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Can someone please provide me some assistance with this question. It is for a graduate level MBA course. The question is...Submit an outline of your Fundraising Plan for a Nonprofit Organization. Attached is the information needed to assist me with this assignment. Thank You in advance for your help. I really appreciate it alot. I'm really struggling with this assignment alot and completely lost on doing this outline.

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Without the assignment particulars, I can give you an outline and then if you need more specific information, you can ask.
Mission and goals of the fundraiser and the non profit. What is the expected outcome and the target goal of the event.

Funding for the event. Where will it come from and how much is needed?

Type of fundraiser - What kind of event are you holding? A party, a half marathon, maybe a casino night or giant yard sale.

Date of the fundraiser

Time of the fundraiser

THEME of the fundraiser - this is important. Deciding on the type and theme helps establish who will be your target audience in terms of gaining participants and volunteers.

Expected participants - these are the people who will come to your event, your target audience.

Expected volunteers - on the other side, the number of people you will need to help put on the fundraiser. Another target audience.

Where the volunteers will come from?

What specific needs does the fundraiser require?
Equipment - what types of equipment and supplies does the fundraiser need?
Funds - will there be initial cash layouts for items, labor, permits?

Permits - what permits are required for the fundraiser? Cities and counties often need non profits to submit forms about the fundraiser, so they
can identify parking, traffic, police, other emergency needs

Non profit Participants (this would be those who benefit from the fundraiser)

Advertising/advertising budget

Donations - Where will ...

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A general outline of the requirements of a fundraising plan.