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    Functional areas of non-profit

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    Can someone please provide some assistance with a question. Its for an MBA course and needs to be between 350 and 450 words or so. Which functional areas of your nonprofit are strongest?
    We divide the labor of the nonprofit into different categories and attempt to place staff with appropriate apptitudes and skills responsible for those various activities. We often have a financial officer who keeps track of the money for the organization. A fundraiser may be on staff to coordinate the fundraising activities, and the program staff will deliver the services to the nonprofit's clients.
    In your organization can you identify the functions that appear to be the strongest? Can you speculate on why that is so? Please include a question for your peers (other students)...Thank you so much in advance for your help. I really appreciate it.

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    The most functionality in our nonprofit is in the services department. The training of our clients is the most successful part of the organization. We do some fundraising and manage to obtain a number of grants, but usually those are small. The foundation is able to garner financial support and educate parents and family members to help provide the services the individuals need. Not every family can afford the services, especially when the governor slashes the budget for Waiver clients, but the fundraising has, to date, kept up with the demand. The grant manager also has been instrumental in getting the appropriate grants to help with the clients.

    One area the grant ...

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