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    Responsible Operations Management

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    Discuss who is responsible for strategic planning in an organization. Is this something that is restricted to top-level employees from specific functional areas or is it shared across functions and through lower levels of the organization? Different organizations might have widely varying positions on the structure of the strategic planning process. How does this tie into operations management?

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    Organizational Strategic Planning

    Who is Responsible for Strategic Planning?

    Strategic planning should be the responsibility of a planning team. It should be driven by the CEO and the Chairman of the Board who are key in the mission and vision statements along with the core values of the organization (McNamara, 2011). The other key members of the team should be those who have influence in the direction of the company. A strategic plan is meant to direct the company into a progressive and prosperous future. Most of the board members of an organization should be included, but it is also advantageous to have even a few ...

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    Responsible operations management for strategic planning is examined.