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Opportunity statement: Finance, Legal, Marketing & Global Ec

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Assume that you will be the sole presenter of the strategic plan. You may be asked by your audience to address areas outside your expertise. You should be able to speak to the issues of finance, accounting, legal, marketing, and the global economy. How does your plan address these topics? How will you demonstrate the interconnections among functional areas and the successful implementation of your plan?

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This solution discusses an opportunity statement for a hospital interested in adding a website to garner donations and PR. It addresses the financial, accounting, legal, marketing and global economy issues of the opportunity statement. Includes APA references.

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Opportunity Statement

Navy General's plan to garner more donations and increase awareness of its services by creating an e-business site.

Financial Aspect:
The e-business option is not without costs. Many websites are available for no cost but to present a polished option and adequate SEO for the hospital, costs will be incurred. A mobile application will also be needed, so that consumers can text a code into an app and $10 will automatically be donated to Navy General. The Red Cross used this system for various specific crises like Hurricane Gustav (raising $250,000 in donations) and the Southern California Wildfires (Livingston, 2010). Online and mobile campaigns typically run 5 percent of donations, according to Kristin Ivies (Livingston, 2010).

Additional costs include the making of an application and website. These tasks typically cost several hundred dollars. In addition, there will be minimal ongoing expenses related to the maintenance of the site and keeping information on the site current.

Accurate accounting of both set up and ongoing expenses of the site and mobile ...

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