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Ethical Issues with Artificial Intelligence

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What are some ethical issues involved with this article (attached)?

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This article is talks about the future of a nascent science, Artificial Intelligence (AI). Ethical issues involved with this article are the ethical issues of AI.

Ethical Issues of AI [1, 2]
There are many ethical problems associated with working to create ingelligent creatures.
* AI rights: if AI is comparable in intelligence to humans then they should have comparable rights. (As a corollary, if AI is more intelligent than humans, would we retain our 'rights'?)
* Would it be wrong to engineer robot that want to perform tasks unpleasant to humans?
* Would a technological singularity be a good result or a bad one? If bad, what safeguards can be put in place, and how effective could any such safeguards be?
* Could a computer simulate an animal or human brain in a way that the simulation should receive the same animal rights or human rights as the actual creature?
* Under what preconditions could such a simulation be allowed to happen at all?
* What are the possible criteria for a computer, whether it simulates a brain or not, to be considered sentient or sapient? Is the Turing test applicable?
* Can a computer that must be considered sentient ever be turned off?
* In order to be ...